Looking for Sponsors.

We are looking for people to help sponsor our club and enable us to continue developing our programme for both Juniors & Seniors. If you know anyone who can help, please contact the coaching staff for more info.,

Official Club Tracksuit.

You can now buy our official club tracksuit and also t-shirts are available.

Official Club Tracksuit: £60

Official Club T-shirt: £25

Official Club Shorts:£25

Official singlets: £30

Official hat:£15

official bag:£30

Our Club is Sponsored by:





Stef Curps Meat

Contact Details:

  Oleg Druzhynets - Head Coach

  Telephone: 07933223861

  Email: citymanchesterwrestling@gmail.com

 Olga Mcglinchey - Female Head coach

  Telephone: 07477605055

  David Ong Head coach

  Telephone: 07871631223

Strength of a weight-lifter, stamina of a long-distance runner, agility of a gymnast, mind of a chess player, wrestlers have it all!

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